Petrofac West Desaru Development

Daya offshore construction was called upon to provide a discrete scope of work as part of Petrofac’s West Desaru development offshore Terrenganu, Malaysia. After a successful campaign to recover a section of damaged pipeline, Daya returned for jacket grout seal intervention. At a short notice, Daya provided an efficient engineered solution to both deficiencies, enabling the client to continue with the field development after a minimum of lost time.


150m of flooded 10* pipeline was cut into manageable sections by saturation divers using Broco cutting equipment. The pipe sections and pulling head were then recovered to the surface.


To prepare for stalk on of the replacement pipeline, saturation diviers installed a series of 10MT lifting divers installed a series of 10MT lifting and stopper clamps, complete with ROV friendly rigging for later recovery by a pipelay barge.


After a grout seal failure between conductors and jacket legs, divers were deployed to pack out the annulus with timber wedges, supported by custom clamps, to provide a solid base for grouting operations.

Tapis EOR and Telok Gas Development

In 2012, Daya Offshore Construction was awarded a significant scope of work as part of EMEPMI’s aggressive rejuvenation project offshore Terrenganu, Malaysia. The work involved the provision of a DP3 vessel combined with manpower, project management and engineering capabilities for Subsea Cable, Riser, and Spool tie-in works. Due to the reliability of the service provided and speed of completion, additional work scopes were added throughout year 2013.

40Km of 4” x 6.9kV power and fibre optic cable, a total of 10 platform preparations, pull-ins, and terminations
Rigid spools ranging from 10” to 18”, length from 10-40m
Risers clamps/ guards and J-tubes/Risers to 70m


Rigid Pipeline spools ranging from 10' to 16', with lengths to 30m were installed, using DOC engineered procedures and analyses. At 65m water depth, tie in was by saturation divers.


Pipeline riser and subsea cable J-tube installation with length to 60m have been completed. Interface with live platforms was key here, as were the innovative methods for securing the platform installation aids such as air tuggers.


A total of 5 subsea cables, with lengths totalling 40km, and 10 platform pull ins, are planned for late 2013 using the Bourbon Evolution 803. In house flex-lay analysis has been carried out using Orcaflex.

Njord A is a semi-submersible platform located in Blocks 6407/7 and 6407/10, around 130 km northwest of Kristiansund and 30 km west of the Draugen field in Norway. As a part of a planned life extension of the Njord A platform, areas of interest with regards to fatigue lifetime were required to be inspected to verify or disprove the presence of fatigue cracking.

The resulting light diving campaign involved CVI and NDT of specific nodes and welded connections at a mean depth of ~14msw, with a maximum diving depth of ~20msw. Suface supplied divers executed the scope of work from “Technip Seahunter” with engineering and dive support from the mother vessel, “Siem Daya 1”